Fire-Learning –

E-Learning solutions

Whether you need to convert existing instructor-led training programs to a web-based format or you need customised e-Learning developed for a new training initiative or induction.

Fire-learning Australia has the expertise to develop the solution working with you at every stage. E-Learning solutions provide the flexibility, accessibility, and convenience of 24×7 access to your Personnel . Your Personnel learn at their own pace the information they need when and where they need it.

The e-Learning solutions offer a variety of design methodologies based on the desired level of interactivity applicable to the course content and the intended audience.

Fire-learning Australia offers an online portal for hosting your web-based training courses and the capacity to track student progress and learning results via customised detailed learner reports.

By investing in e-learning technology, we can provide flexible ways to study, and also keep time spent away from operational duty and family to a minimum.

Blended learning solutions

Fire-learning Australia can provide blended learning solutions that integrate the best of traditional instructor-led training and computer-based internet delivered self paced training.  The blended learning environment provides you all the advantages of both learning styles. Your employees can access training via the web from any location using any device and can interact with both the facilitator and their fellow participants.

Fire-learning Australia provides a cost effective training solution that minimises training time for your Personnel while reducing the cost of training delivery.

Training participants are able to complete segments of the training in a virtual classroom environment from any location and apply the learning through interactive instructor-led classroom training.

Assessments throughout the e-learning package ensure the delegate has grasped the theory and concepts that support the practical learning that then takes place.

Benefits of blended learning:

  • Cost effective training modality and consistency of training content
  • Real-time interaction with fellow participants regardless of location
  • Real-time interaction with the course facilitator
  • Minimise employee productivity down time due to travel
  • Combination of delivery methods including scenarios, role plays, application exercises, audio and video

Customised training – Meeting unique needs

All our customers are different. So while we have designed our courses to be as comprehensive as possible, we recognise that some of you require tailored solutions to meet highly specific needs. This might demand different approaches to operational training, or it could be a requirement to tailor our ancillary services to meet cultural, religious and dietary needs.

Our flexibility means that we can work with you to ensure the training and support you receive is wholly in tune with your needs.

Onsite training solutions

Under the guidelines set out in Certificate IV in training and assessment TAE40110 our trainers can deliver practical sessions during work days, after hours or on weekends, on site at a client’s premises or at hired facilities.